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At loungereview, we are frequent flyers who enjoy the journey as much as the destination. We have visited hundreds of airport lounges and know some airports like the back of our hands. We believe that airports aren’t actually dreadful places – if you know the tricks! We are compiling an exhaustive and accurate directory of worldwide lounges offering:

  • An exhaustive and up-to-date airport lounge index.
  • Original photography of hundreds of lounges. When we don’t have original photos, we use pictures provided by the airlines or from Foursquare.
  • Lounge reviews, details on food and beverage offerings, and access policies.
  • Airport maps and directions.
  • Links to expert reviews by travel bloggers.
  • Ratings and user reviews from the loungereview.com and Foursquare communities.
  • Multiple ways to search and browse our index.
  • A community of members – registered users can setup a profile (optionally synchronized with Facebook), comment on lounges, and exchange messages.
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The team

loungereview is brought to you by Sound Imagineers, LLC. Our service is completely and absolutely free. You can check out our terms of use.

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loungereview is the evolution of AirportBliss.com. When we launched AirportBliss.com in 2014, we had a goal of tapping into the traveler community to identify lounges, quiet spots, and best kept secrets at airports around the world. We’ve decided to focus specifically on lounges, and to target a more international audience, thus our new name – loungereview.com.

Our founder, Patrick, is a travel geek and a member of several online frequent flyer communities, who started documenting his lounge experiences over ten years ago. Back then he enjoyed the free local calls and data ports to connect to the Web through dialup! Our team members live around the world and bring their passion for travel and commercial aviation.

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We always appreciate hearing from our users. You can email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact us using the form below.

Please note that loungereview.com is independent from airlines and lounge operators. We are unable to help with customer service inquiries, lost and found items, membership purchases, etc. Please contact your airline or the operator of your lounge for customer service or assistance.

How to link to us

If you’re running a web site about airports and wish to add details on lounges, you can link to us easily.

  • All lounges at a specific airport: https://loungereview.com/lounges/airport/<airport_code>
  • Lounges operated by a specific operator, at a specific airport: https://loungereview.com/lounges/airport/<airport_code>/operator/<operator_code>
    • <operator_code> is the operator two-letter code. For airline operators, this is the two-letter airline code.
    • <airport_code> is the airport three-letter code.
    • For example: https://loungereview.com/lounges/airport/FRA/operator/lh links to all Lufthansa lounges at Frankfurt am Main Airport, Germany
  • Lounges operated by a specific alliance: https://loungereview.com/lounges/alliance/<alliance_name>
  • Lounges operated by a specific alliance at a specific airport: https://loungereview.com/lounges/airport/<airport_code>/alliance/<alliance_name>

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