Alaska Airlines Changes Day Pass Access Rules

Alaska Airlines is changing the way its day passes work for its network of lounges, and unfortunately, some of the changes are not good.

Alaska Lounge Day Pass Pricing Changing

One of the first big changes is that the cost to enter an Alaska Lounge for the day will be $60, up from $50, a $10 increase. This isn’t surprising given the changing economic landscape, but something to keep in mind if you don’t have a lounge subscription or other ways to access.

The Alaska Lounge at JFK is one of the eligible airports where you can purchase and use a day pass.

Alaska Lounge Passes to be Valid at Select Airports

If you’re purchasing an Alaska Lounge day pass, you’ll only have access in one of three airports, a dramatic drop from the old access rules which used to allow entry into every lounge within the network.

You’ll only be able to purchase a pass in and use a pass in these airports: Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK), and San Francisco (SFO)

Further, you’ll only be able to use your pass at the specific airport you purchase it in, and won’t be able to use it at airports down the line with connecting flights. If you purchase a pass to enter the lounge at JFK, that’s the only airport you’ll have access to. Previously, you’d be allowed entry in any Alaska Lounge the same day, no matter the location. Make sure to use our Lounge Access Wizard to see if you have access throughout your journey.

Alaska Lounge Day Pass Changes Won’t Impact You If…

If you have an Alaska Airlines Lounge membership, you’re not impacted by these changes, and this also applies to elite status passengers as well, accessing on an eligible itinerary.

Day Passes that have already been issued aren’t impacted, as well as passes for Active Duty Military.

Bottom Line

While these changes are unfortunate and limit access, Alaska Lounges have been known to be very crowded spaces, especially at peak times, so these changes are likely meant to reduce this crowding throughout the network.

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