How to Access American Airlines Lounges

American Airlines offers several different types of lounges, and there are access rules for each depending on what class of service you’re flying, if you have a membership, or what elite tier you are. In this post, we’re going to take a look at each of the different lounges and what it takes to access each.

Admirals Club

The most basic lounge offering that American has is called the Admirals Club, and this is normally a paid membership. The Admiral’s Club features basic amenities such as seating, a buffet with light snacks, complimentary well liquors and soft drinks, ticketing assistance, and restrooms.

American has Admirals Clubs in each of its hub cities as well as a variety of smaller cities where they see the reasoning for a premium offering.

Boston’s Admiral’s Club

To access an Admirals Club:

  • You need to be an Admirals Club member, which generally costs upwards of $450 a year, depending on your elite status level.
  • You can be a Citi Executive Advantage credit cardholder, where a $450 annual fee gets you automatic access.
  • Foreign oneworld sapphire and emerald members may access on any itinerary.
  • American Airlines Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro and Platinum members may access on any international itinerary.
  • Be flying in international business or first class on a oneworld airline.
  • Be a ConciergeKey member on any flight.

Flagship Lounges

American operates several Flagship Lounges, each in hub cities where there is a significant amount of international flights. The Flagship Lounge is an upgraded experience to the Admirals Club featuring complimentary premium liquors, bottled drinks, a hot and cold buffet, wine bar, showers, and upgraded seating.

To access a Flagship Lounge:

  • You can pay a cash-fee of $150 per visit, though generally this isn’t worth the cost.
  • Be a foreign oneworld sapphire or emerald member on an any itinerary.
  • Be an American Airlines Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Platinum member on any international itinerary.
  • Be flying on American’s A321T plane on a premium transcontinental route in business class or first class.
  • Be flying in business class or first class on a oneworld airline.
  • Be a ConciergeKey member on any flight.
American’s Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles

Flagship Dining

While not technically a separate lounge, it’s very worth mentioning Flagship Dining, which is located within the Flagship Lounge concept.

This dining concept is only open to those flying Flagship First on a transcontinental A321T flight or on a 3-class widebody international flight.

Inside, you’ll find full, traditional restaurant-like service complete with separate courses, servers, a full made-to-order bar, and menus.

Final Thoughts

Each of American’s lounges is accessible to different types of customers, but having an understanding of which lounge you’re eligible for is important when planning your trip.

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