Join us at Star Alliance MegaDO 6 and tour the new LHR T2, The Queen’s Terminal (and its six new lounges!)

Just like us at, you love airport lounges. You love commercial aviation. You love travel. You love miles and points.

You’re in luck–you’re not alone. And every year, a group of fearless flyers puts together an event that goes down in history. The Star Alliance MegaDO is where frequent flyers, uber geeks, Star Alliance fans, and anybody with an interest in planes and aviation get together for an action packed adventure around the globe. One of the highlights is the opportunity to fly on a private charter aircraft. Two years ago, Star MegaDO attendees were the first ever to fly on a charter flight operated by a Boeing 787!

This year’s event will take us to Europe, with a program spanning from May 9th to 13th which includes:

  • A VIP tour of the Airbus final assembly line in Toulouse, France – an exclusive opportunity to get up, close and personal with the Airbus A350!
  • A day with SAS Scandinavian Airlines in Stockholm – expect backstage visits and tours and a peek at the new SAS Business Class.
  • A day with Star Alliance in London at the brand new T2, The Queen’s Terminal, with behind the scenes tours and an opportunity to meet Mark Schwab, President and CEO of Star Alliance.
  • How do we get from place to place? Our charter flight from Stockholm to Toulouse to London will be operated by a SAS Scandinavian Airlines 737-800 with 183 seats.

Prices range from $999 for coach to $1,899 for business class and include full meals, open bars, fancy receptions and access to all events. The full schedule is available here, and answers to common questions here.

We will of course be there – we don’t miss an opportunity to geek out with fellow frequent flyers and have yet to review the new Star Alliance Lounges at London Heathrow T2!

So, join us – registration for Star MegaDO opens on Monday, February 16th at noon CST. For additional details, go to

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