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Paris - Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Terminal 2G (Schengen regional), boarding area, by the perfume store
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COVID-19 closure: Air France Lounge is temporarily closed.
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    Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
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    • Meilensammler
      2 years ago

      Fairly new lounge, that just opened a few days before our visit. Nice interior and great apron view. Very crowded during the first hour of our stay – no chance to get a seat. Later on the place was nearly empty.

      Selection of breakfast items was very nice, same goes for beverages. They have a nice coffe-bar and they do offer champagne.

      Free WIFI, some newspapers and magazines. Nice restrooms and even a shower is available.

    • Manfred
      3 years ago

      Please ignore John Murphy’s review, it’s from 2015, reflecting the admittedly pathetic state the 2G lounge was in at the time. In 2017, it is an entirely different experience – the lounge has been relocated to a much larger space at the entrance side of the upper floor, which is both stylish and well stuffed. Comfortable seating, with an office section for those who need to work, a nice buffet, a large choice of drinks – all you’d expect at Air France’s home airport. It’s a good thing they got rid of the tiny old lounge and brought their act together.

    • John Murphy
      5 years ago

      CDG Terminal G Ai France Lounge

      For the first time in my life I went into an airline lounge and wished that I had sat out in the General Boarding area! I am actually laughing about it.

      Business Class with Air France from SVO to FRA with a three hour layover in CDG. I was looking forward to some patisserie and maybe a glass of vin rouge to pass the time. Not to be.

      After a trip on the bus from Terminal 2-L, which is quite the experience, I found the Air France Lounge. Let me start with a physical description.

      Once you ring the door bell and are admitted you encounter a space of about 40 x 40 feet. I tried counting the chairs and think there are about 40….the place is crowded!
      There is no restroom. That is outside in GENERAL BOARDING. Where the comfortable seats are. Between the chairs are iPad sized tables that never seem to get cleaned off. Had I seen a galley or can I would have taken care of it myself.

      There is a large cooler full of mineral water and a plethora of juices. If you scrunch down you might find a tiny can of Heineken. There are two coffee dispensers near a basket of croissants and cookies of dubious provenance. Also a tray with pepper, Worcester, and Tabasco in the off chance that vodka, mixer, and ice were to show up.
      No vin rouge or blanc…..not even the nuts and pretzels that Delta thinks will fill you up.

      If I had to do this again I would go to the spacious bar, shell out few Euros, sit in what looked like comfortable chairs at a large table. I could avail myself of the same restroom and smoking room ( that is another post) and enjoy my time in 2-G.

      It is a shame that such a lounge exists. It should be an embarrassment to Air France and the Sky Team partners. But at least the next time I am in ATL snacking on those little blocks of cheese with broken crackers, I can reminisce about my trip through “Chez De Gaulle” and all will be right with the world.

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