Alaska Lounge – SEA Concourse D

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Alaska Airlines Board Room - Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)

Alaska Lounge – Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) Concourse D

The Alaska Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma airport Concourse D (formerly known as the Alaska Airlines Board Room) is Alaska’s flagship facility, given its location at the airline’s hometown and hub.

The club is located in the main terminal, steps away from a security checkpoint. Alaska also operates a second Alaska Lounge in Satellite N.

Alaska Lounge design

The bright and airy Alaska Lounge stretches across two levels, with floors to ceiling windows that reveal panoramic views of the tarmac.

Officially, the lower level behind the reception desk is designated as a quiet area with a limited food and beverage selection, while the upper floor features a bar, TVs, and a more substantial buffet. In reality, most patrons end up settling downstairs, so the upper level might be quieter and less crowded.

Alaska Airlines Board Room - Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)

Alaska Lounge – Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) Concourse D

An elegant staircase with dark wood panels and a colorful hanging sculpture links the two floors.

On the lower level is a stone wall with a grand fireplace. Overall, the décor, while warm and inspired by Alaska and the Northwest, is a bit old-fashioned. Alaska has changed course with the opening of the new Alaska Lounge in Satellite N, with a resolutely more modern design.

The seating areas feature comfortable swivel chairs, private cube chairs, counter-style seating by the windows, and a small dining area. Most seats come with power outlets, which are conveniently located at shoulder height.

Alaska Lounge amenities

For a domestic lounge, the Alaska Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma airport Concourse D shines on the food and beverage front.

Alaska Airlines Board Room - Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)

Alaska Lounge – Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) Concourse D

The highlight of breakfast is the fresh pancakes made at the touch of a button by a “pancake printer.”, accompanied by hard broiled eggs, and various pastries. Throughout the day patrons will find a selection of light snacks and salads.

The staffed bar offers a selection of complimentary beverages and cocktails, including Champagne. On the lower level is a Starbucks espresso machine with an assortment of syrups.

Individual workstations with wired network outlets are available, along with a few self-service PCs.

As expected from Alaska, the staff  is a highlight, with friendly and helpful receptionists who provide a warm welcome as well as directions and assistance.

Alaska Lounge bottom line

The Alaska Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma airport Concourse D is one of the airport’s better lounges, though a notable downside is that it is often busy and occasionally downright crowded. Not only does Alaska offer lounge access to domestic First Class passengers (which is atypical for a US airline), but the club also welcomes American Airlines’ Admirals Club members, Priority Pass members, and pay-in customers.

Passengers departing from the North Satellite should consider using the new Alaska Lounge as a more modern and possibly quieter alternative to the current flagship.

The pluses
  • The natural light and great views on the tarmac.
  • The convenient workstations throughout.
  • The extensive breakfast selection and the pancake machine.
  • The warm and friendly staff.
The minuses
  • The old-fashioned, perhaps a bit worn design.
  • The crowds at peak times.
  • The lack of an espresso machine upstairs, where the full food and beverage selection is otherwise located.
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