Aspire Lounge

Zurich (ZRH) Terminal 2, Airside Center (Schengen). Access via check-in 1 and 2. Follow signs to the Lounge Area between gates A and B.
  • Courtesy of Swissport

    Courtesy of Swissport

  • Courtesy of Swissport

    Courtesy of Swissport

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    • Alovedale
      10 months ago

      I’ve been to a few lounges and this is the worst. No air condition on a hot day. Slow serving. No local food. 2 hours maximum WiFi then they ask for more money. Basically just a stuffy room with some acceptable chairs and some warm rice and meatballs to eat. Well, they did actually repair the coffee machine while I was there, so: machine coffee, yaay.

      Food and drinks:
    • Meilensammler
      2 years ago

      Only a few passengers in the morning, so plenty of seats available for us. Interior is ok. The whole place was clean. Only view is into the departure hall.

      Breakfast selection was moderate, choice of beverages was good.

      Free WIFI, newspapers and magazines. restrooms are located outside and are shared with the 2 other lounges in the area.

    • Kaya Deniz
      3 years ago

      Absolutely The Worst Experience
      1) I entered this awful lounge at E gates near my gate. I said “hello how are you today?”
      No response from 3 twenty year old receptionist who had no courtesy of welcoming anyone.
      After scanning my ticket she gives it back I say thank you and again no response dont even look at my face.
      I watched these three girls also treating everyone like this unbeliavable. They were only busy on social media and chatting eachother.
      2) It was morning time and I expected at least few types of world famous cheese and swiss chocolates.
      Of course there was only one type of cheese sticks plastic wrapped, tasteless. There was (hopefully) egg with so much butter that you can throw up after 2 bites.
      3) I used the wrong coffee cup for my coffee and I was shouted by the staff.
      By far the worst experience.
      The only good part is the view of the runway hence getting 1 star from me instead of 0.

    • Paul
      4 years ago

      Food average, dark and no natural light.

      And the worst – you get only 2 hours wifi – that us a absolut joke and they are stupid enough to ask me to pay for further access.

      Wifi in lounge is must be nowadays and but maybe they live in the mid age here…

    • Meilensammler
      6 years ago

      New lounge with nice interior. Plenty of seating in different areas, no apron-view. Front-desk is shared with Skyteam and DNATA Lounge..

      Only saw the breakfast choice wich was average. Good selection of beverages – much better than the Skyteam Lounge. One buffet and 2 bars.

      Free WIFI and selection of newspapers and magazines. Flight-infirmation display and TV. Restrooms are shared with the other 2 Lounges.

    • JeanPaul
      6 years ago

      Modern decor – not really invites you to stay long.
      Opening hours restrictive!

      Good wine selection (at least three red wines) etc.
      Food: As I arrived quite late (20 min prior to closing -9.00 pm) there was little choice left.
      But that`s ok – two guests at that late hour!

      Sanitary facilities outside lounge / to share with other lounges at that level

    • Swiss99
      6 years ago

      There are chairs and hard sofas. It`s Ok to sit there, but not for a long time. The lounge is modern and there are funny buffet.

      We come to late for the main dish. Then there are little snacks and many drinks. On one wall are many wines.

      There is free Wifi for one hour. One printer and one TV.

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