LAT Lounge

Beirut - Rafic Hariri (BEY) After immigration, upper floor
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The basics
Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: noFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
Other amenities:               
Access rules
Overall ratings

  • Alex

    The female at the counter in the morning shift has zero service mindset. Upon entering the lounge, she wasn’t at the counter. After a couple of minutes she arrived with a piece of food in her hand. Simply snatched the mobile from my hand without even greeting me and started scanning the barcode. Upon completing the registration, she gave me the mobile back without saying at least”welcome”. Wasta is what ruins such places. As a Lebanese, I feel ashamed being treated like that in my country by losers who got hired only because they know a politician or someone with strong connections, while other lounges in all other countries show a high standard of service. Shame!

  • g karam

    be careful when you give your credit card to this lounge. they will tell you that you can access free based on your card status but they will charge you… and then a week later, they will charge your card again and you end up trying to get the transaction reversed: calls to the bank, calls to them that are unanswered, etc. and a waste of time that you end up not wanting your money. But the danger is that they have your credit card number and god knows how many times they will end up charging.

    1. Mariejoe

      I was supposed to have free access to the lounge since I have a cedar miles card. First time I was charged 6 $, (2kids)
      The second time I received a msg from my bank, 5 days my travel, charging 54$.
      This is theft. Plus tables are always dirty. No internet. Reheated pizza and sambousek, and sour labneh sandwiches…

  • Edwin

    Need more food ion the buffet..
    change the cups and the covers…
    Need to offer champagne for travelers…

    But it’s clean and nice…

    Hope u’ll tke into concideration my comments
    Ur on a step away of being better than cedars loung

  • [img]×450.jpg[/img]

    Let’s just say the only reason i picked 1 star is that it’s the minimum to proceed with this comment.
    No food as you can see, they say “kholso”, and when you go ask for coffee they give you plastic cups for hot coffee and they make sure to tell you there is no refill.
    Dirty tables & a shameful experience.
    On top of it, your card is being charged!

    Lea Lteif

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