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Note: The Lufthansa Business Lounge at Athens airport was renovated in December 2016 and now features an updated design.

Lufthansa Business Lounge - Athens (ATH)

Lufthansa Business Lounge – Athens (ATH)

The Lufthansa Business Lounge at Athens airport serves all Lufthansa premium and elite passengers, as well as Star Alliance passengers (though the latter have other options including the nearby Aegean Business Lounge.) Athens is a relatively minor destination in Lufthansa’s worldwide network, so the airline does not operate a Senator Lounge. On the other hand, the catering at the Business Lounge is of high quality and a pride point for the local Lufthansa team, who touts the lounge through a brochure handed at check-in to premium customers. Like all lounges at Athens airport, the Lufthansa Business Lounge is located outside security.

Lufthansa Business Lounge design

The Lufthansa Business Lounge at Athens airport is a blast from the past – long-time Lufthansa flyers will be immediately familiar with the blue and yellow armchairs and industrial looking buffet. The space feels spartan, with floor standing lamps and a few photos of Germany as the only notable features. For a décor that’s two generations behind the latest incarnation, it is in a decent shape overall, though the furniture is getting long in the tooth and the carpet has the occasional stain.

Lufthansa Business Lounge - Athens (ATH)

Lufthansa Business Lounge – Athens (ATH)

The Business Lounge benefits from windows and thus daylight, though the view on the airport access ramp and parking lot is unremarkable.

The space is somewhat oddly arranged: the buffet, kitchen and reception desk are the center, flanked by two separate open seating areas on either side. Make a left at the reception desk and you’ll enter the main area with a prominent buffet, or make a right and you’ll reach a smaller, cozier, brighter and possibly quieter seating area, albeit with a more limited food and beverage selection. At 275 sqm. in total, the lounge is on the small side, and may get busy at peak times.

Seating options include armchairs around small coffee tables, as well as dining tables. The main drawback of the legacy design is the significant lack of power outlets – the trained eye will spot a few along the walls, but there are outlets anywhere near the tables where they might be most useful.

Overall, while the design fails to impress, the lounge is functional and comfortable.

Lufthansa Business Lounge amenities

Lufthansa Business Lounge - Athens (ATH)

Lufthansa Business Lounge – Athens (ATH)

The Lufthansa Business Lounge at Athens airport is a land of contrasts – it lacks some basic amenities but boasts a superior buffet and beverage selection.

In a glaring omission, though perhaps justified by the lack of real estate, the lounge lacks a bathroom. Public facilities are located nearby, closer to the security checkpoint.

Complimentary Wi-Fi is available. Lufthansa uses T-Mobile, as they do around the world, while other lounge operators piggy back on the airport’s network. When we visited, Lufthansa’s Wi-Fi service was slow even though the lounge was deserted. Hopefully that was an anomaly.

The buffet is the crown jewel of the lounge. Breakfast features a selection of juices, Greek yoghurt, warm Bougatsa and cold cuts, while the lunch and dinner selections include hot soups, delicious Greek salads, sandwiches, a selection of hot dishes, and desserts. The spread is beautifully presented and very unique with a Greek twist. The fare is tasty and the selection generous enough for a full meal.

In addition to an espresso machine and a selection of soft drinks, patrons will find a selection of Greek wines including tasty featured wines, beers on tap, a liquor assortment, plus an impressive array of international Bourbon, Scotch and malt whiskeys. The overall selection vastly exceeds our expectations of a Business Lounge.

Other amenities include a few work desks with power outlets (two on either side of the reception desk), a few shared laptop computers, as well a selection of newspapers and magazines.

Lufthansa Business Lounge - Athens (ATH)

Lufthansa Business Lounge – Athens (ATH)

Lufthansa Business Lounge bottom line

Overall, your experience with the Lufthansa Business Lounge at Athens airport may vary significantly depending on your needs. The faded design and lack of bathroom are underwhelming, while the slow Wi-Fi and lack of power outlets don’t make the lounge an ideal place to work.

However, outside peak times, the club is a quiet and an enjoyable place to relax, and when it comes to food and beverages, the Lufthansa Business Lounge beats all other Schengen lounges hands-down, with a substantial selection of Greek specialties and an outstanding alcoholic beverage selection. Considering that the lounge serves only short flights within Europe’s Schengen zone, the food and beverage service is remarkable.

It’s obvious that the local Lufthansa team puts a lot of pride in their lounge catering and service, and it shows. Hopefully the physical space will be renovated eventually.

The pluses
  • The Greek buffet.
  • The outstanding beverage selection, including the whiskey bar.
The minuses
  • The faded design.
  • The lack of bathroom.
  • The location outside security.
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