Pall Lounge

Luanda - Quatro de Fevereiro (LAD) International Departures, after security
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The basics
Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: noFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
Other amenities:         
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Overall ratings

  • Currently sitting in Pall Lounge, Luanda Airport, Angola. Not a bad place to sit and pass your time on Luanda Airport. It is a small airport with very few flights servicing this airport. Checking in at the lounge was quick. Not many customers inside so the staff enjoys the lounge more than the travellers do. Not uncommon to see them lying on sofas and enjoying TV. I used my lounge-key (Mastercard Elite issued by Citibank) program to access this Lounge. The lounge offers 2 pcs of free Coffee/Beer/Hard drinks or sandwiches in either combination to all its patrons. For anything extra, you have to pay as per their list. unless you are carrying the exact change you can very well forget the change as experienced by some of the fellow passengers.

    I chose to go for one coffee. Didn’t see their sandwich but looks like they make one if needed. Coffee was okay. Nothing great to write home about. Though did check everything that was on offer. Have attached a few pictures for fellow travellers to see. Liquor is all bottom shelf stuff. Coffee is just about okay and have no idea about the sandwich.

    Staff isn’t trained for service properly. In absence of anything better make do with what you have.

    WIFI is offered and has decent speed for 2-3 persons inside the lounge. Toilet is reasonably okay but shows its age.

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