Sala VIP Canudas

Barcelona - El Prat (BCN) Terminal 2, after security, near U gates
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The basics
Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
Other amenities:               
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Overall ratings

  • Adam

    Terrible lounge, dirty sofas and tables, dirty toilets, no hot food, avoid!

  • Daniel

    The lounge has a foul smell as you renter. The bathrooms have no hooks to hang your carry on so it goes on the toilet stall floor. The sofas are probably 10 years old with dark sweat stains and torn upholstery. The food assortment is very bad. It is almost as if they chose to serve the poorest quality of in every category. Their staff is unfriendly and there are flies sitting around the foods.

  • I have the misfortune to have to use T2 Barcelona every week and this is the only option available as far as lounges go. It is dark, dowdy and dirty. My experience is that it is usually understaffed and the staff only mildly engaged with their role. Badly in need of an overhaul and change of management.
    T2 is truly the forgotten terminal and this lounge is testimony to that fact.

    Selection of only dry and mostly unhealthy snacks. Nothing fresh or healthy. A new coffee machine but only tiny espresso cups and a usually empty jug of hot milk. Good selection of cold drinks, however.

    A couple of TVs in the corner, low sofa and tables, fairly old and worn. Dated styles and decors.
    Selection of magazines and papers in Spanish and also (regrettably) The Daily Mail from the UK.

  • Whole place is dirty with food all over the floor and no one tidying up. Virtually no magazines or newspapers. Sofas are old and look dirty. Dated decor wouldn’t matter if it was being looked after. Generally rubbish.

    What food? There are a few biscuits and warm drinks with small ice bucket all melted. No one cares.

    There are toilets with tiny cubicles that feel dirty. Otherwise a few newspapers all scattered around the lounge.

  • Even if there are soft drinks and alcohol, and it is quiet, I managed to seat there only 5 minutes.
    There was a smell of an old house, the armchairs were not clean.

    Soft drinks (good selection)
    Alcohol (basic, but ok)
    Simple coffee machine
    salt and sweet (very limited)
    No food

    2 TVs
    WiFi (I did not use)
    flight monitor

  • The lounge is according to the description. My first impression was that it is rather dirty with rests of chips and cookies over the floor and seats. And that at 9 am.

    Not much more than cookies and chips.

    I did not use any of the amenities, the toilets were in a semi clean state.

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