Priority Pass phases out lounge access in Russia

The popular Priority Pass airport lounge access program no longer unlocks the door to airport clubs located in Russia.

Given the dwindling lack of international links between Russia and the rest of the world, this new development, on the sidelines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is unlikely to impact many travelers. But Priority Pass members who live and work in Russia should know that their black card effectively stopped functioning a few days ago, even for domestic travel.

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Priority Pass and LoungeKey no longer provide airport lounge access in Russia

Collinson, the British company behind the popular Priority Pass airport lounge access scheme, has deactivated access to all lounges at Russian airport. The change also impacts LoungeKey, a program similar to Priority Pass that offers airport lounge access through various credit cards.

This should come as no surprise considering that the sanctions impacting Russia have made it virtually impossible for Collinson to compensate Russian lounges operators for Priority Pass and LoungeKey usage.

The change impacts approximately 110 lounges, as well as a handful of other capsule hotels. Here is the complete list of lounges and airport experiences that have been deactivated:

Abakan (ABA)Abakan Business Lounge
Anadyr (DYR)Business Lounge
Anapa (AAQ)Business Lounge
Apatity (KVK)Business Lounge
Arkhangelsk (ARH)VIP High Comfy Lounge
Business Lounge (High Comfy Lounge)
International Sky Lounge
Astrakhan (ASF)Business Lounge
Barnaul (BAX)Barnaul Aero (Aerobar)
Belgorod (EGO)VIP Lounge
Domestic Business Lounge
Blagoveshchensk (BQS)Business Lounge
Chelyabinsk (CEK)Domestic Business Lounge
International Business Lounge
Chita (HTA)Business Lounge
Ekaterinburg (SVX)Opal Business Lounge
Topaz Business Lounge
Gelendzhik (GDZ)Business Lounge
Gorno-Altaysk (RGK)Priority Lounge
Irkutsk (IKT)High Comfy Zone Lounge Domestic
High Comfy Zone Lounge International
Izhevsk (IJK)Business Lounge
Kaliningrad (KGD)Business Lounge Mayak
Business Lounge Dune
Kazan (KZN)Prime Lounge
International Business Lounge
Domestic Air Lounge
Sky Lounge
Kemerovo (KEJ)Business Lounge
Khabarovsk (KHV)Domestic Business Lounge
International Business Lounge
Kirov (KVX)Airport Business Lounge
Krasnodar (KRR)Comfort Lounge
International CIP Lounge
Krasnoyarsk (KJA)Lounge Grey Wall International
Lounge Grey Wall Domestic
Lipetsk (LPK)Business Lounge
Makhachkala (MCX)VIP Dagestan
Mineralnye Vody (MRV)Business Lounge
Moscow Domodedovo (DME)S7 Business Lounge International
S7 Business Lounge Domestic
S7 Comfort Lounge
Shostakovich Premier Lounge
Grey Wall Lounge
Airport Business Lounge Domestic
Airport Business Lounge 1 International
Airport Business Lounge 2 International
Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO)All Star Lounge
Amber Lounge
Classic Lounge
Galaxy (Galaktika) Lounge
Gallery Lounge
Kandinsky Lounge
Malevich Lounge
Matryoshka Lounge
Moscow Lounge
Priority Point
Sochi Lounge
Space Lounge
St. Petersburg Lounge
Capsule Hotel AeroSleep Terminal B
Capsule Hotel AeroSleep Terminal D
GettSleep Capsule Hotel Terminal C
GettSleep Capsule Hotel Terminal D
Moscow Vnukovo (VKO)Business Class Lounge (International and Domestic)
Tchaikovskiy Lounge by UTG Aviation Services
Prokofiev Premier Lounge
Art Lounge
Capsule Hotel AeroSleep
Moscow Zhukovsky (ZIA)High Comfort Hall Lounge
Murmansk (MMK)Murmansk Airport Business Lounge
Nalchik (NAL)VIP Lounge
Nizhnekamsk (NBC)Business Lounge
Nizhnevartovsk (NJC)SkyPriority Comfort Lounge
Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ)Business Lounge
International Business Lounge
Novokuznetsk (NOZ)Novokuznetsk Aero
Novosibirsk (OVB)Business Lounge Terminal A
Business Lounge Terminal B
Movie Hour
International S7 Comfort Lounge
Novy Urengoy (NUX)Business Lounge
Omsk (OMS)Business Lounge
Orenburg (REN)Prestige Lounge
Perm (PEE)Business Lounge (VIP Hall)
Business Lounge
Petropavlovsk (PKC)Business Lounge
Rostov-on-Don (ROV)Business Lounge International
Business Lounge Domestic
Sabetta (SBT)Business Lounge
Samara (KUF)Business Lounge Domestic
Business Lounge International
Saransk (SKX)Saransk Business Lounge
Saratov (GSV)Business Lounge
International Business Lounge
Sochi (AER)Comfort Lounge
International Business Lounge
St. Petersburg (LED)Domestic Business Lounge
International Business Lounge
Stavropol (STW)Business Lounge
Surgut (SGC)Air Surgut Comfort Lounge
International Business Lounge
Tomsk (TOF)Business Lounge
International Business Lounge
Tyumen (TJM)Comfort Lounge
Ufa (UFA)UFA VIP International Business Lounge Terminal 1
UFA VIP International Business Lounge Terminal 2
UFA VIP International Business Lounge
Iremel Lounge
Ulan-Ude (UUD)Baikal Lounge
Ulyanovsk (ULV)Business Lounge
Vladikavkaz (OGZ)Business Lounge
Vladivostok (VVO)Laguna Lounge
Primorye Lounge
Volgograd (VOG)Business Lounge (International)
Business Lounge (Domestic)
Voronezh (VOZ)Buninsky Lounge
Platonovsky Lounge
Yakutsk (YKS)Business Lounge
Yaroslavl (IAR)Business Lounge
Airport lounges in Russia are now off-limits to Priority Pass and LoungeKey members.

At this time, Collinson is still selling access to Russian airport lounges through the Lounge Pass program, but we expect that the company will not be able to honor reservations and will refund them. partners with Lounge Pass, but we have stopped selling access to all airport lounges in Russia. [3/14 Update: The Lounge Pass program has now deactivated airport lounges in Russia.]

Priority Pass eliminates select lounges in Ukraine

Unsurprisingly, due to instability in the region and travel disruptions, a few airport lounges in Ukraine are also impacted. As the time of writing, the following lounges are off-limits to Priority Pass and LoungeKey members. They may also be closed on a temporary basis:

  • Business Lounge at Kharkiv Osnova International (HRK)
  • Green Lounge at Kiev Zhulyany International (IEV) Terminal A (Domestic)
  • Blue Lounge at Kiev Zhulyany International (IEV) Terminal A (International)

Bottom line

Collinson’s Priority Pass and LoungeKey programs have phased out lounge access at Russian airports. This development was unavoidable given the sanctions impacting Russia. Several lounges in Ukraine are also impacted.

While travel to Russia is probably not in the cards for most Priority Pass and LoungeKey members at this time, the change still impacts close to 10% of the Priority Pass network. It’s another significant hit for Collinson, who lost access to Plaza Premium Lounges a year ago, and still lacks lounge options at major US airports including Los Angeles and Denver.



Well done Priority Pass for cancelling all your cards issued in Russia for European citizens living and working there and travelling with this card. 3 weeks ago we were refused entering Doha airport lounges and others too. With a baby expected to have a meal in lounge and with a lot of hand luggage. What a company! Bravo for your idiotic cancellation policy for all ! 🤌🏽


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