Star Alliance Lounge in Paris CDG to undergo significant upgrades

Opened in 2008, the Star Alliance lounge in Paris CDG features a rather dark and depressing design and suffers from chronic overcrowding, especially since United closed their club located nearby.

We are delighted to learn that the lounge is undergoing major renovations from February 16th 2014 to April 11th, 2014. As per the press release:

In addition to essential and routine heavy maintenance work, the refurbishment will give the lounge a fresh new look and offer a more comfortable environment. The new design will take into account the feedback provided by many thousands of guests who have used the lounge over the last year. The seating capacity will also be increased as part of the overhaul to better meet growing demand.

During the renovation, the First class section will be closed and access will be located on floor 10, instead of floor 11.

It is unclear how additional capacity will be increased. A few years ago Star Alliance had considered expanding into what used to be the adjacent United Club space, however it appears to have been converted into offices. Regardless, this is a very welcome development. Star Alliance is fortunately departing from their original design in favor of more vibrant and custom designs, such as those featured in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

We will be reviewing the new lounge shortly after it opens.

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