SWISS opens a new First Class Lounge at Zurich’s Schengen terminal

SWISS has reached another milestone in the transformation of the ground experience for premium passengers at Zurich airport.

After a modest construction delay, the airline is launching its new First Class Lounge within the Schengen terminal, known as Dock A. The lounge opens on Monday, March 5th.

A new check-in experience for SWISS First Class passengers

Following the model of the Luthansa First Class Terminal (SWISS is a member of the Lufthansa group), The new First Class Lounge at Dock A offers an exclusive check-in and security experience for all First Class passengers, regardless of their destination.

SWISS First Class passengers can bypass the traditional check-in counter and head straight to the lounge, where they will be able to check-in, drop off their bags, and go through a private security checkpoint. In addition, upon request SWISS will store passengers’ winter coats for the duration of their trip—an unconventional but smart service allowing customers departing to warmer destinations to travel lighter.

Once through checkin and security, passengers flying outside the Schengen zone will be driven to the First Class Lounge in Dock E, a two-year-old luxurious retreat which boasts amenities such as private rooms and fondue service on an open-air deck.

The new SWISS First Class Lounge Dock A: luxury for short-haul travel

At 7,000 square feet (650 square meters), the new lounge is significantly more spacious than its former incarnation, which is situated in a different location and has now closed. The design has also evolved remarkably, reflecting the Swiss culture and art of living.

The former SWISS First Class Lounge - Zurich (ZRH) Dock A

The former SWISS First Class Lounge – Zurich (ZRH) Dock A

The new SWISS First Class Lounge - Zurich (ZRH) Dock A

The new SWISS First Class Lounge – Zurich (ZRH) Dock A

Inspired by the design of the Dock E (non-Schengen) lounge, the First Class Lounge features semi-private spaces with an oak parquet floor, Vitra and de Sede furniture, Jura limestone walls, and a subdued palette of natural tones.

At the epicenter of the lounge is a bar and buffet area with live cooking stations and barista service. The bar boasts a selection of specialty coffees, and a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages including over 100 Swiss grapas.

SWISS also offers full-service dining service, with an a-la-carte menu—an extraordinary perk for short-haul travel.

Sit-down dining at the new SWISS First Class Lounge - Zurich (ZRH) Dock A

Sit-down dining at the new SWISS First Class Lounge – Zurich (ZRH) Dock A

Unlike its Dock E counterpart, the new Schengen lounge has limited daylight and views, and lacks private rooms and shower suites.

Chauffeur service for arriving passengers

Starting this summer, SWISS will be picking up First Class customers arriving at Docks B, E, and bus gates. Customers will be driven to Docks A or B for passport control and onward connections.


SWISS First Class Lounge access rules

SWISS First Class Lounges are among the most exclusive airline clubs worldwide. Access is limited to Lufthansa and SWISS First Class passengers, and Miles & More HON Circle Members.

This excludes First Class passengers departing on Star Alliance partner flights, who (unless they also happen to be HON Circle members) only receive access to the Senator Lounges.

Incidentally, the SWISS Senator Lounge at Zurich airport Dock A is currently closed for remodeling, but travelers armed with their passport are welcome to use the Dock D and E lounges. The superb Senator Lounge at Dock E features a well-stocked whiskey bar, spacious shower suites, and cooked-to-order dining options, though it lacks the privacy and exclusivity of First Class Lounges.

Photos courtesy of SWISS

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