Inside The Club BWI, Baltimore’s airport new and only lounge

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The newest lounge from Airport Lounge Development (ALD)The Club BWI—makes the most of its 2,200 square foot space. Located at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Airport’s Concourse D near gate D10, The Club occupies the space previously used by Airspace Lounge, which closed about a year ago.

The Club, overseen by former Airspace General Manager Julian Tchernev, holds 50 customers and is open from 5:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Between opening at 11:00 a.m., the lounge has a yogurt bar that offers fresh strawberries and blueberries, low-fat granola, bagels, whole wheat English muffins, peanut butter and cream cheese. From 11 until closing, the menu switches to fresh Mediterranean offerings, including crudités, pita bread, hummus, two types of pasta salad and an olive mix.

There a full bar, a fridge full of water and soft drinks and a coffee/tea machine with plenty of choices. There’s also cookies, granola bars, four flavors of specialty popcorn, dried fruit, Jelly Bellies, cup-of-noodle soups, potato chips and a signature Agua Fresca fruit-infused water.

In the future, The Club will offer a more robust menu that will include hot foods and more breakfast options.

The Club has zoned seating based on what you want to do. There are seats with tables and chairs for those who want to eat. There’s club seating for those who want to have a drink and conversation. For those who want to work, there are high-top bar-like seats in a business center with access to a printer.

And there’s more relaxed seats and couches that offer great views of BWI’s tarmac if you just want to relax, read one of the six magazines and newspapers available or watch television. Outlets are plentiful no matter where you sit and high-speed Wi-Fi is available.

BWI is the only U.S. airport with an onsite gym, Roam Fitness, right inside the D/E Connector security checkpoint. The gym has clothing, fitness equipment and showers for those who want to get in a quick workout. The Club and Roam have partnered to offer lounge and gym access for customers for $50 a day. Separately, you’d pay $40 for lounge access and $25 for Roam Fitness. [CORRECTION: We have heard from ALD that the agreement is still pending approval by the airport authority at this time.]

Access is allowed for the usual companies, including Priority Pass, Lounge Key, Diners Club, and Lounge Club. The Club is staffed by a manager, a concierge and two to three customer service assistants—most of whom previously worked for Airspace Lounge—available for visitors.

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  1. Hadi Mahmoodi, November 28, 2017 8:40 pm

    This club lounge is one of the worst lounge I have ever experienced.
    During my visit to Baltimore when my flight was connected with 6 hrs delay I stayed at this lounge and it’s was not a good experience.
    Upon my enternace 8 or 9 staff were celebrating a promotion with some dunkin dounut and coffees and they totally had left the reception to accept customers!
    I had to wait a bit till someone leave the Coffe party and serve me.

    There is no hot meal and the bar is controlled for limiters drink of 6 drinks per stay.
    There is no sign or any body advise you of any limitation but they neither sell or provide you with more than 6 drinks!
    I happens to have a very escalated argument with a young girl (maybe on her 20s) calling herself the manger and the whole Enviroment was disturbed over a drink.
    They were saying they served me 6 drink and I wa telling them I belive I had 5 drinks.
    It was so stupid and I am sure this lounge is very unprofessional choosing their staff As bunch of kids that they can’t handle a problem and manage.
    I asked them to provide me a letter for the reason and she provided a letter indicating the managing company of that lounge has this policy of drink limitation.
    It’s realllg stupid that they have no sign or any information of this policy.

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