Air France KLM Lounge

San Francisco, CA (SFO) International Terminal A, left immediately after security checkpoint
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Air France (AF)
Air France (AF)
Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
Other amenities:         
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Overall ratings

  • Olivier PatĂ©rac-Ecarot FRANCE

    thanks very very very much to Samia and Nayree at the front desk of the Air France lounge, i forgot my iphone in my rent car and they help me to locate my iphone with their computer, to phone to the rent car office, to go back to the rent car garage, to have again my iphone, to be just in time for the boarding, it is the BEST service i never had before, with Air France staff, 1000 thanks again to Samia and Nayree

  • Disappointed

    Beyond disappointing. 0 stars

    1. Dmytro Kostiuk

      Very disappointed with this lounge. We walked in, saw probably 20% occupied and 80% free spaces and they didn’t allow us in, even though we had Priority Passes. Completely unacceptable.

      1. Kaz

        Same. One lady was very rude. She told me “just go outside and PP is not allowed.”, even if the space is not full (20 % occupied). A manager in this lounge should be accused. In the future, this will have a big issue.

  • Ryan

    Had he same issue as many above. Walked in and was turned away by an emotionless rude receptionist woman. I was not able to get her name but she was working 1/25/17 7pm shift. I am a priority pass member and she turned my party away saying there was a flight boarding at 10:40 and they expected the lounge to be full to 140 people. This lounge was completely empty on entrance.

  • John Mooney

    ou’re Definitely Not A Priority in this Lounge!

    Twice in 2 weeks I was denied entry with my Priority Pass to the Air France Lounge at SFO due to a “expected flight”. The lounge was empty and I really needed to get some work done. After I complained the very unemotional woman at entry said “I guess we can let you in for a bit but you’ll have to leave”.

    Really? I’ve been a paid PP member and now received through my Ritz Carlton card and “You Guess” you can let me in so I can once again experience your horribly cold and tasteless food? Your cruditĂ©s that are usually wilted and sad and are more “Crude” then anything else?

    I commute through SFO and the lounge use to be a little bit of refuge, not much but still a little from the rest my flights but apparently I’m not the only one dealing with this horrible service as per this reddit thread:

    I’m sorry, I guess I never knew us PP members were second class customers. Now I know.

  • John

    Negative 1. Very rude staff. Lounge was half full and they refused Priority Pass members. The nasty attendant refused to give her name. Unfortunately no cellphone coverage in the entrance so when I stepped out to call Priority Pass and they wanted to talk to her I walked back in and lost the call. Tried twice and gave up. Lodged a complaint though. If one of my employees was that rude and hostile I’d want to know

  • RBS Black Client

    ::: Dreadful Lounge. Avoid at all cost :::

    Its atually a minus one star rating…

    This lounge, operated by collinson group…

    The Royal Bank of Scotland, at present is contracted to this lounge, however given that they refuse alll entry to priority pass members, I doubt that RBS will continue with this arrangement for long… or they should not do so.

    There are other, better lounges in sfo… which maybe priority pass / rbs black card services, will contract with to enure a better, more decent, reasonable service for their clients. They have one chance to sort his out!

    1. Chris D

      Literally the moment I walked to the front desk the staff were distracted with their phones and clicking pens. They weren’t interested in greeting us and when I showed my Priority Pass card I was asked “oh, are you speaking to me?”. I was then told to wait 10 minutes for a flight to leave before I could go in even though the lounge had plenty of capacity.

      Suffice to say I went upstairs to the Virgin lounge and had much better treatment.

      This lounge should not be included if they treat guests based on what they said was a “ranking system” where Priority Pass is anything but a priority.

  • Qantas Business Traveller

    I’m writing this review from the lounge. I agree with the site admin’s 2 stars.

    The lounge is very cramped, with power only available in a side room. I had to hover to finally get a seat, and had to clear the table myself as the staff were missing in action. Aside from the nice brie cheese, the snacks were disappointing.

    This is the only available lounge for Qantas Business class carriers. My score accordingly downgrades to 1 star if you are flying business.

    I’m now off to the public bar…

  • Two stars for the champagne and views… everything else is one star. Possibly the worst lounge at SFO.

    1. Nancy Segreto

      I would agree. I have rarely been at a lounge as crowded and dingy as this one. What an embarrassment to SFO!

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