Aspire Lounge

London - Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5, near gate A18
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    • Anon
      3 years ago

      I totally agree with you. Aspire lounge is rubbish and they do like to con people into charging for something that’s worth nothing. People who read this, don’t go to aspire lounge. Like Mr Tenzing above has mentioned, you are better off going to Mcdonalds.

    • Godwin Tenzing
      3 years ago

      Aspire Lounge & Lounge Key are two partners in crime, Misleading customers, rubbish service and rubbish food

      Poor Facility, Food & Service – Aspire Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is not worth visiting. Probably most Aspire Lounges are basic standard. I can’t remember which country, but one of the Aspire Lounge in the Gulf was pretty basic too. From my experience of using Aspire Lounge at Heathrow airport T5, You will probably get a better service and space at McDonalds than this business lounge. It was small, overcrowded, rubbish and the food was well below par, more like scraps of food and left overs. However, if you are into free drinks they had quite a lot of options.

      Anyway we stayed there for less 30 mins and left as this wasn’t really a business lounge for either quietness or food or space that you would hope for.

      Overall, this is a overcrowded place with rubbish food. You might as well spend your money in a good restaurant, unless you are 100% sure this is a free service for whatever membership that you may have. Even if it’s free, I wouldn’t choose this place again for food or comfort or honesty in the future.

      Fraudulent & misleading customers
      As I travel across the globe, I know there are some airport lounges that does complimentary access to MasterCards.

      Anyway, when I was at London, I tried to check if the Aspire Lounge at the airport was one of them. I didn’t get a direct answer in internet but according to Mastercard website there are 600+ airport lounges that offers complimentary access.

      So I approached the Aspire Lounge guy at the reception and asked if I & my family can gain complimentary access to the Lounge using our MasterCards. He said that he needs to scan our card to confirm that.

      So he scanned my card and my wife’s card and confirmed we have complimentary access to the Lounge via Lounge Key provider. And we asked him again is there any charges to this ? His response was No.

      So we are 2 adults and a child. So we asked and confirmed it’s complimentary access, which I have done in many other airports at Gulf in the past. This was on the 13th of July.

      Later that day, my wife credit card was charged for $27 and on 17th of July her credit card was charged for another $27 and my credit card was charged for $54 on 17th too.

      Well that was a huge surprise and it was upsetting because we were misled or conned and it was even more upsetting that this rubbish service costed $27 per head, and they charged us for the 4th person who didn’t exist. That must be the ghost. So overall, our complimentary lounge access costed us $108, according to my credit card transaction alerts.

      Called Aspire Lounge to enquire about these charges, they don’t take ownership, they asked me to contact Lounge Key as these charges are from Lounge Key.

      Called Lounge Key, they told me Aspire Lounge charged them so they charged me based on their small prints hidden somewhere. And they told me I created a LoungeKey membership on 13th July so I must have read their terms, except I couldn’t have created that membership as I was at the airport without data connection. One of the primary reason I visited the lounge is for the internet, which I only gained after entering the lounge so the membership was either created by Aspire employee or some kind of automated process that was in place by Lounge Key for the MasterCard customers.

      What was shocking was the LoungeKey customer service staff had acknowledge that this has happened many times in the past. He will put a feedback into the system so they can avoid this.

      But if this has already happened many times in the past, so why your partner “Aspire Lounge” is still informing the customer that this is a complimentary service for customers with Lounge Key access ?

      You cannot inform your customers that this is a complimentary access and charge $27 per head including a child. As it was evident that these two partners in crime have been doing this for a long time with no intention to inform the customer the right information.

      I called Aspire Lounge again to enquire about the charge for 3rd and 4th person (ghost), the guy who answered the phone told me he is raising a complaint and sending me an email now. But that email hasn’t arrived yet.

      It appears more like a corporate strategy to mislead customers. Because I raised this issue either Lounge Key or Aspire Lounge doesn’t want to take ownership. They come across as partners in crime.

    • haveronjones
      4 years ago

      After many years of being pampered in BA / OneWorld Alliance lounges, my Executive Club membership is no longer at a level which qualifies me for entry – so my only option now is to use the PriorityPass lounges for which I qualify through American Express.
      Visiting the Aspire lounge at LHR T5 was NOT a good way to start.
      The lounge itself is OK, if on the small side. Food and drink options were pretty good – and the staff inside the lounge were helpful as my family and I looked for somewhere to sit. But boy, were the staff on the front desk officious and rude! We were barked at; ordered to wait outside the lounge until they could be bothered to check us in (even though several other travellers jumped the queue ahead of us); and generally made to feel like they were doing us a favour by letting us in. The rules of the lounge were explained to us in a very confrontational manner – woe betide anyone who breaks them.
      All in all, a below average experience which would have qualified for just a single star had it not been for the helpful staff inside the lounge.

      Nice and fresh – surprising to see quiches and other dishes available. And it was nice to have a bartender to make drinks (although one suspects this is to reduce the volume consumed in a given time period)

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