Aspire Lounge

Manchester (MAN) Terminal 1, Executive Lounges area
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  • David

    Booked and paid in June 2018, for a visit for 2 people on Nov 14th, 2018.

    We arrived at the Aspire Lounge on the 14th, printed copies of the reservation and proof of payment in hand, only to be told that the lounge was full, and that we could not enter. We could see several empty tables, but were told that Aspire had a contract with Singapore Airlines and needed to reserve space in case they needed it.

    Again, I must emphasise, we had PRE-BOOKED and PRE-PAID exactly 6 months to the day we wanted, and yet we were refused entry.
    There were 2 staff who clearly couldn’t have cared less, and when I asked what we were supposed to to, one of them said “It’s not my problem”. Hows that for customer service? On the plus side, I was told that I “might” get a refund, if I applied in time.

    They couldn’t have been more unhelpful.

    And they turned away literally dozens of people while we were there. We talked to other staff in the airport, who told us Aspire turn people away on a regular basis, they had seen it many, many times.

    Shocking company!

  • Looks quiet modern, but there is one thing that doesn’t turn me on a lot: Dirt, stains and more fingerprints than gloss on the tables. In fact, this lounges are premium products and that particular one is not the only one with that issues! I can’t understand why they don’t take more care about cleaning up and putting away used dishes and silverware!
    But anyway, my stay was great with a lot of warm food and a good choice of beverages and assorted coffee. Everything for no extra costs, even some alcoholic drinks may be included but weren’t ordered by myself.

    Standard Lounge-Syle-Food.
    Pasta with meatballs, rice and a vegetarian curry, made of tofu and vegetables. Both was ok but nothing special. A salad bar and a soup pot where offered to complete the meal.
    Some sweets, nuts and other well known snacks are part of the food range.

    I missed nothing. There are all amenities included:
    -WIFI with a good response and rate although the lounge was almost full
    -Various seating areas with special

  • khulud

    I advice you all NOT to use this lounge as it is certainly not worth a penny. I used Aspire Lounge in Manchester recently and was shocked. It was a breakfast time and I asked for some cheese. I was stunned to hear the response that they do not serve cheese for breakfast because if they do, they will have none left for the afternoon! Can you believe that. When I complained about the lack of breakfast, I was taken to a section when I was told they have everything there, only to see some corn flex and small yogurt tubs. The cutlery was the worst I have seen ever, with raggedy edged spoons and knifes while the forks were twisted.
    I hope by this review I have managed to spare you the agony of going there.

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