Aspire Lounge Transborder

Calgary - International (YYC) Transborder Terminal, Concourse E, after security, follow signs to Lounge
  • Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

    Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

  • Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

    Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

  • Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

    Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

  • Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

    Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

  • Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

    Photo courtesy of Ryan Hoult

COVID-19 closure: Aspire Lounge Transborder is temporarily closed.

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    • Robert Hassy
      3 years ago

      I gave this place one star because the system would not let me rate it lower.
      The food, when there is any is poor and never seems to change. How many days can you serve butter chicken? There are often no glasses or plates or flatware. The staff is invisible, the internet is snail pace and they close at 7PM in an INTERNATIONAL terminal.
      Disgusting. American Express should disassociate themselves from this place.

    • CFWUY172
      3 years ago

      I viewed a number of reviews about this lounge. All the same comments apply – very nice layout and new fixtures. Men’s room was clean and functional. Didn’t use the showers or rest area. Nice, comfortable and quiet. It ends there. The food is mediocre. The wine selection is worse (Apothic Red only, I`d rather drink battery acid). Cleanup is sporadic. Lots of dirty plates around. Considering this is a \\\\\\\\

      The beverage selection is limited. Two wines, white and red, both substandard. Not even up to a low cost red. Food was limited in choice. The nut bowl was a ragged mess of old peanuts. Cheese looked like it came out of a grocery store in the sticks. Cold cuts were artificial. There was a hot meal that was passable.

      WiFi is limited to the airport free service, which is better than average.

    • smith
      4 years ago

      I agree with all of the above, really poor. Dirty plates everywhere, no staff evident, limited selection of very ropey food and a bag load of attitude when I had to go into the kitchen to ask for red wine.
      This is the lounge for BA flights at Calgary and its really not anywhere near up to standard. Avoid if you can. I will route via Vancouver if possible in the future.

    • C Schultz
      4 years ago

      Well, I have to say I have now been disappointed twice. Tried to use the lounge in early November and they did not have their liquor license yet. Did not go in. Used 4 passes for family on Dec 17th trip. No one at the desk to help. Had to wait quite a while for someone to come. Dirty dishes everywhere. I have pictures. Food was sub par as compared to the previous lounge on the US side. Very disappointed I wasted 4 passes on this place. You should take a lesson from the previous Rocky Mountain Lounge, or go to Vancouver lounge and see what they should be like.

    • xYYC lounger
      4 years ago

      I chalked up my first visit as growing pains, but services have down graded even further since my last visit. Granted the current design is bright and cavernous, my kudos ends there. Ladies toilet dont flush properly. Someone must have used a muddy mop and pushed the muck along bottom of the stall. Hot and cold food were limited and unappealing, unless you like dried cold cuts in earliest stage of jerky processing, curled dessicated sliced cheese, cubes of coagulated mess disguised as scrambled eggs, super market rejects dried up danishes, get the picture? Such a shame to have a brand new promising facility so under serviced. I would be embarassed to take my guests there. I wish I can give negative stars for subpar services.

    • K. Lee
      4 years ago

      US departure Aspire lounge YYC
      Agree totally with the above review, Unappetizing food,
      Men’s toilet has only 1 stall, 2 urinals and no
      garbage bins. The old Rocky Mountain lounge
      is much better.

    • Mae Bea
      4 years ago

      This is the worst lounge I have ever been in at any airport anywhere. I was looking forward to trying it out as Calgary is my home airport. Upon arrival there was one person at the checkin desk. She was dealing with a problematic card reader for Priirity Pass and was also taking phone calls. She did not look up to greet any of the guests who were starting to line up. Although I was next in line it still a further 13 minutes before she checked me (without apology).

      The lounge itself is a big open space sparsely furnished with what can only be described as cold, uncomfortable seating. The tables and chairs near the food and beverage station are limted and look very cheap.

      The ladies room has no working soap dispensers and the door locks are misaligned meaning the door must be held shut by hand.

      The food and beverage is appalling. When I arrived at 5 pm there was a foil tray with steamed broccoli and some sliced cheese. After 20 minutes or more the brought some cold cuts, Chicken breadth and cold beef gravy.

      The bar area is also sparse and the only wine available is the cheapest Canadian Wine you can buy. One type of blended red wine from Pellar.

      Because the loung is a loft style there is a lot of background noise from the terminal below.

      Miss the old lounge in US departures where there was always a pot of hot soup and premise sandwiches.

      Fortunately I entered the lounge as a guest. If I had paid the $40 entry fee I would most certainly have asked for a refund.

      Do you self a favor and Aspire to eat, drink and relax at on of the vendors instead.

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