British Airways Arrivals Lounge

London - Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5, landside (outside security), after customs and immigration, mezzanine level between Arrivals and Departures

COVID-19 closure: British Airways Arrivals Lounge is temporarily closed.

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Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
Other amenities:           
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  • Danny Eyles

    Arrived at Terminal 5 having booked with Travel Republic and forgot that we should only have had one suitcase between us and turned up with two! Many thanks to the VERY HELPFUL B.A. customer service lady for helping us out sorting out the easiest and cheapest way to resolve our problem to and back from Menorca. Really took her time and wanted to help us out of what could have been a stressful start to our holiday.

  • One of the most versatile arrivals lounges in the world — breakfast room, spa, business center, private restaurant, lounge area. Despite some flaws (few massages available, horrible shower design), this is still one of the most impressive arrivals lounges we’ve come across.

  • Great lounge. Stunning architecture. It is just so big, it lacks the intimacy of most first class lounges. Have been to British Airways` T5 lounge several times, and have never been able to take advantage of the free salon/massage services. How do you get an appointment for those services?

    Restaurant dining (just don`t order the ridiculously well done burger) and more traditional self-service food. Great wine, beer, and spirits.

    Given that I have never been able to get a time slot at the free salon, it has done me no good, and I cannot give the lounge extra credit for that amenity. Unfortunately the same horrendous security queues that have always plagued Heathrow also plague T5.

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