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  • We do not have any photos of this lounge.

    We do not have any photos of this lounge.

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    • Christopher Cross
      1 year ago

      Rude Reception Staff, Poor Food & in need of Refurbishment

      Do not waste your money paying to use this lounge. It was our first & last time we will unless there is a significant improvement. I typically check reviews before I book hotels or restaurants but it didn’t even cross my mind to check on an airport lounge. I’ve been a frequent flyer, for more years than I want to remember, & all but this one had been very good/excellent.

      Although there were plenty of available seats we were “TOLD” we had to wait to be seated (queuing to book in is fair enough but the booking in procedure was too laborious); you never get long in these lounges anyway so getting even less time becomes quite grating. In any case we were going on holiday so just played nicely with smiles on our face.

      There were some quality seats for couples which we spotted & asked if we could sit at but we were taken straight past these to the far side of what they call a lounge (calling it a cafe is pushing it) as apparently they were reserved (for who & why wasn’t there anything placed on the seats saying so). We were dumped at a table that was unsteady on “plasticky” chairs away from the main area – we felt like naughty school children.

      We sampled/tried most of the food on offer in a bid to find something we liked but found nothing to our taste – if we had been in a cafe we would have sent the food back & not paid.

      On the plus side the waiting & bar staff were very friendly – we asked if it was a busy day for them to be told it wasn’t so clearly the usual excuses could not be applied.

      1. Harding 10 months ago

        I totally agree with everything you said absolutely disgusting not be doing this again

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