Pearl Lounge T2

Stockholm - Arlanda (ARN) Terminal 2, after security, turn left and pass the Duty Free shop, then proceed to the first (green) staircase on your left then turn left and go through the Himmel & Hav restaurant
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  • Mathias gustafsson

    All I can say as a Swede is this lounge is a crime against humanity. If they paid people to attend, it wouldn’t be enough.


    This lounge is a waking nightmare, filthy, soulless, benefitless, depressing, an utter waste of money.

    The decor is deigned to suck your very life force out. It’s like the airport ran a competition to make the very worst lounge the world has ever seen.

    The food is absolutely abysmal and shakes our very nation.

    The drinks are the very cheapest and absolute minimal selection available. I’ve seen a better selection of alcohol in a church.

    Did I mention the food and drink are despicably bad? DO NOT ATTEND THIS LOUNGE.

    Don’t just take MG word for it, please look at literally every other review here.

    Arlanda, you should be ashamed and appalled. Vad Fan.

  • Chris K.

    Food: I saw 4 meatballs and no more came. Old salad but plenty of cheese and crackers was left, and chips and peanuts and biscuits. That’s it! Tapwine tasted like 2 euro vinegar, one vodka one whiskey one rum, all cheapest possible. 3 different soft drinks. Some places very dirty. I would never pay for this, and we left under 40 minutes as the terminals looked cleaner and nicer.

  • Andrew

    Terrible. Refused entry by staff as they were “expecting a rush” and I was “early”. I explained that I only planned on being in the lounge for a maximum of 3 hours but still no

    Having read the reviews on here though it sounds like I had a lucky escape

  • C Anders

    Flies……. Horrible Toilets. First lounge visit where I would actually prefer to be outside.
    Absolutely no staff attention..

  • Nick

    Terrible. I can only assume that the cleaners were on strike. I travel globally and very frequently and this has to be the worst lounge I’ve had the misfortune of visiting.

    The whole lounge was dirty and poorly kept everywhere from the food and drink to the toilets.

    There were flies on the food and drink dispensers.

    The staff were aloof and disinterested with us and downright rude to some other passengers.

    A very very poor representation on BAs behalf.

  • Emma

    Quite possibly the worst lounge I have ever been in. The place looked like it hasn’t been cleaned in days, the drinks dispensers were covered in towels (and flies), bins overflowing and there was no hot food on offer at 1930 in the evening. Perhaps the worst part was the total lack of interest from the staff.

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