The Club

Boston, MA - Logan International (BOS) Terminal E, take elevator opposite gate E11 down to 2nd floor

COVID-19 closure: The Club is temporarily closed.

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    • John Collier
      2 years ago

      This place is accessed down an elevator and along a dingy corridor. It was hot and airless and there is no natural light. Even that didn’t prepare us for the disgraceful lack of service. When we entered, all the vacant tables had crockery and cutlery waiting to be cleared away. Half an hour later this was still the case. There seems to be no ‘service’ at all. There is no bar, no counter where you go to be served. Guests were asking one another what to do and the only option seemed to be to knock on the kitchen door and disturb the staff from whatever they were doing and ask for what you wanted. People were asking for plates, knives, spoons, glasses, napkins… We had to go and ask what food there was, and what there was to drink (to which the reply was ‘Well, what do you want?’). There were no paper towels in the restroom and there was litter on the floor. Not a comfortable or relaxing place at all.

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