Turkish Airlines Lounge

Nairobi - Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) Terminal 1D, near gate 4A. Transit passengers, proceed to the 2nd floor, departure level.
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    • Sue
      2 years ago

      This is the most disgusting lounge I have had the misfortune to end up in. Filthy plates and glasses all over surfaces and paper towels strewn all over the floor. A disgrace to Turkish Airlines and all others “allowed” to sit in this filthy place.
      Receptionist rude to boot.
      Just awful.
      BA customers can use this lounge but really BA should get a facility in place.

    • Sophie
      3 years ago

      Needs improvement. I’m not one to usually write or comment on these things, but this stood out in my mind enough to do so. Firstly, the reception was not entirely welcoming. The receptionist checked our boarding passes then handed them back and without any other words proceeded to browse on his phone without saying we could go in or if he needed anything else. The lounge itself is nice and modern. The food is great, we were grateful that the cook accommodated our dietary requirements. The washrooms and shower area was ok. I noticed that there are a set of little holes in the top of the washroom and shower doors, probably at around 5.5 to 6 foot height of the door. One of the managers of the lounge came in to look for some of the female staff and looked through the holes…I thought that was a bit unnerving. The shower it self, is fine, however the female staff, on a shift change, occupied the shower room for over an hour. I don’t think I am too fussy about these things normally, but it was very unprofessional.

    • Peter Dobias
      3 years ago

      I liked this lounge. They had a good selection of food and drinks. Service was attentive.

    • Jenny Hyde
      4 years ago

      Spent several hours heren using Priority Pass card on Monday 27th March. It is OK – clean and comfortable seats; basic but available food/drinks, Clean toilets and one shower;
      There are no announcements, which is fine but the information screen was for flights from Saturday (I was travelling Monday evening).
      It is very noisy, with aeroplan noise from outside.
      There is a “quiet” room, behind curtains, for which there is no signs – I thought this was for first class passengers, but that is not the case.
      I left my travel blanket here, and have been trying unsuccessfully for the past five days, to get in touch with someone about retrieving this – there seems no way of contacting anyone at this lounge directly.

    • Chelsea Dutta
      4 years ago

      First, we were told different price by our airline when we checked in. Seems to be a trend for all the lounges in Nairobi. Everyone “has the lowest price”, unless you can actually do math and want to reap necessary benefits of a lounge.

      Anyhow, my husband and I stuck it out for 3 hours outside the lounge to get the reduced 3 hour rate at $40.

      The price conveniently went up because they “couldn’t charge $40 with their bank card machine.. only $45”.. so $80 became $90.

      After two long days of travel in Uganda and red feet from dirt.. I went straight for the shower. Got undressed, turned on the water. NOTHING. waited. tried every nob. Nothing. So I got dressed and went to the front.

      “Oh I forgot to tell you.. no water until 3AM”
      3AM – still no water
      Oh sorry, 3:30 AM
      3:30AM comes and my husband decides to shower first, but there’s no towels. In the whole process of figuring that out, someone gets in the men’s shower first. We put everything in storage and I head to the shower after 15 minutes.

      NO water again.

      I come out AGAIN.

      The host says, “You should have taken a shower right when I told you”

      We asked for a refund, tired, frustrated and still covered in dirt. 2 hours of waiting in the lounge for a shower and getting none. It’s hard to take a nap or work while you’re literally on the edge of your seat listening for the sound of the shower. She refused us and other passengers asking for a refund. Finally the water came back on and one of the cleaners told me to hurry because it might turn off.

      Shower completed. Bring your own shampoo and hairbrush (obviously – I totally forgot)

      Moving on to the buffet. Pretty pathetic spread. I ended up having a fruit bowl, because the dry cereal, popcorn and cheese puffs weren’t appetizing.

      If you want to pay $40-$60 for wifi, a locker and alcohol. This is your place.

      If you’re looking for a relaxing experience while waiting for a flight, a quiet place to take a nap (no beds or reclining chairs), to have a good meal and take a shower. I would not recommend. Maybe try Simba in 1A. Or maybe make sure your layover in Nairobi isn’t 10 hours like ours.

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