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Hamburg - Fuhlsbüttel (HAM) Hamburg Plaza (between Terminals 1-2, enter through security A-B-C-D), top floor
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  • Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: yesSmoking Room: yes
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    • Meilensammler
      3 years ago

      Nice interior and apron view. Plenty of seating in different areas.

      Choice of food and beverages has not changed in quite some time now, but is not bad. There are 2 self service buffets. Only setback is the fact that they have Sinalco Soft Drinks instead of Coca Cola products.

      Free WIFI, good choice of newspapers and magazines. Nice restrooms and showers.

    • Meilensammler
      4 years ago

      Always a very nice place to wait for the departure. Nice and modern interior, plenty of seating and great view.

      Selection of food ok, the newest feature is an automatic soup dispenser. Choice of beverages is good as well, only setback is their choice of soft-drinks: sinalco instead of Coca Cola. This is kind of cheap….

      Free Airport WIFI, selection of newspapers and magazines, business centre, restroom and showers.

    • Meilensammler
      4 years ago

      Huge lounge with plenty of seating in many different areas. If it gets to crowded they open a second area with even more seating. Both lounge areas have great interior and bright light from the outside including perfect apron view.

      Choice of food is ok, selection of beverages is quite nice – except for the fact that they have downgraded their soft-drinks from Coca Cola products to Sinalco.

      Free WIFI, good selection of newpapers and magazines. Business centre with workstations and printers. Flight-information display. Nice restrooms and showers.

    • Meilensammler
      5 years ago

      Very nice lounge with plenty of seating in 2 separate areas, each with a self-service station for food and drinks. Always more than enough seats available and the interiour is quite modern with plenty of daylight and fantastic apron view.

      Small selection of food and good choice of beverages. However one complaint: they swtiched from coke products to Sinalco which is quite undrinkable in my opinion. No idea why they did this, because everything else is of good quality.

      Free WIFI, provided by Turkish Airlines, German and international newspapers and magazines, business centre, flight information display and much more. Restrooms and showers available onsite..

    • Post author
      5 years ago

      A nice lounge with great views and an enjoyable drink selection. We’d rate it at 3.5 stars – we just with the food selection were a bit broader and the second seating area was open more often.

    • Meilensammler
      5 years ago

      Plenty of seating in 2 large areas. Skip the main lounge and head for the second room – much quiter there…

      There is a self service bar/buffet in each room. Choice of beverages and food is just ok.

      Office-area with some PCs, German and international newspapers and magazines, free WIFI, flight-information-display. Nice restrooms.

    • MrZed
      6 years ago

      I have been to this lounge for 10 times and it was never overcrowded. You could always find some privacy and calm area. The view is great. The Stuff has always been very nice!

      Food ist really sad.

      Drinks are above the average. Wlan is free. Only two flight timetables. No Boarding calls.

    • Meilensammler
      7 years ago

      Huge lounge with plenty of seating in two main lounges (one is closed when it`s not to busy) and fantastic view of the apron on one side and the airport plaza on the other side. Very spacious feeling due to the high ceiling and the all-glas front to the outside. I was lucky that there were hardly any guests so I was able to make quite a few photos. place was very clean and staff was nice.

      Selection of food and beverages was good, but not outstanding. No warm food besides soups.

      Plenty of work-desks, some with computers, some not. Flight Information display, free WIFI, good selection of german and international newspapers and magazines. Good restroom and shower facilities. Charging-station for mobile phones.

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