Frankfurt - Main (FRA) Terminal 1, landside, between concourses B and C, above checkin counter 680 on the mezzanine next to the market (accross the skybridge to the Sheraton Hotel.)
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    • Mike
      8 months ago

      Full agreement with the other reviews. The worst lounge of this type that I have used. Very poor food. Reception desk staff maintained noisy personal conversations constantly. Uncomfortable, unpleasant and I advise you to avoid it.

    • Benita
      2 years ago

      I had a horrible experience in this lounge. I and my husband was blackmailed by the women at the reception. She maid us pay 10 euro for the showers, even tho only my husband too shower, but since I entered the premise to hand him toothpaste, they made us pay too. It was humiliating, unfair and completely unacceptable. Amex should distance themselves from nasty people.

    • synpax
      2 years ago

      – The location is awful.
      – Exorbitant price to use a very mediocre shower.
      – Food is lousy, and the sausage is an embarrassment to German Cuisine.
      – Carpets are stained and signs of wear everywhere.

    • Frequent flyer
      3 years ago

      Too hard to access when transitting, , and pre-security location means it takes a long time to get to your gate if your travel is originating in FRA.

    • Naama
      3 years ago

      My husband and I had a long (7 hours) wait at Frankfurt’s air port and since I am a handicap we decided to wait in a lounge. We were addressed to LuxxLounge as the ONLY one you can pay to get in. We paid 30 Euro for each person and walked in. At first it looked nice but our experience was NOT:
      1) the woman at the reception was not nice at all.
      2) the lounge was crowded and there was no place to sit.
      3) only I was able to connect to wifi and it was pretty slow. My husband wasn’t able to connect at all!
      4) the selection of food was poor and what was offered wasn’t tasty.
      5) the ladies bathrooms were DIRTY AND SMELLY.

      In conclusion- That was the most expensive not tasty hotdog I have ever bought and worst 60 euros I have ever spent!!!

    • susanne
      4 years ago

      Its too far away, no use for a lounge outside and far away from gates.
      Have a priority pass but very useless unfortunately as the lounges are hard to find and far away.


    • Post author
      5 years ago

      A quiet retreat, but the food and amenities pale in comparison with what the nearby airline lounges offer.

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