Qantas Club

Hobart (HBA) Airside, access through corridor on right hand side of departure lounge

COVID-19 closure: Qantas Club is temporarily closed.

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    Qantas (QF)
    Qantas (QF)
    Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: noFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
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    • Stephen Logan
      3 years ago

      I think it is quite disgusting that this is the Quality of the Qantas club lounge in Hobart. It is obvious Qantas do not have the same opinion of Tasmanians as it does for mainlanders.
      Considering Qantas is in the process of upgrading the Qantas club in Melbourne and cities which have a smaller population than Hobart such as Darwin and Cairns, and considering Tasmania’s tourism industry beat Queensland last year! The only reasson would have to be Tasmanians just don’t count as far as Qantas are concerned. Very poor Qantas your lounge is the equivalent of the lounge in Kalgoorlie a country town in W.A is this really acceptable? As a long term Qantas customer I think not.

    • Chris
      3 years ago

      I would really love to review this lounge however much to my surprise & disappointment I found it closed nearly four hours prior to my Jetstar flight back to Melbourne tonight. I would have flown Qantas if flights/times had suited my schedule, but they didn’t. However given I’m flying Jetstar & am eligible to access the QClub I would have expected it to be open. I’ve been Qantas Club member for 18 years & Qantas I have to say that it’s poor form to close the lounge after the last QF flight leaves when there are still a number of JQ flights still scheduled. Seriously the cost of the lounge membership is not cheap & Im sure you wouldn’t go broke keeping it open for a few more hours.. Not terribly impressed. (While I’m sure it’s a nice lounge I can’t give it a true rating as it was closed – sight unseen I’ve given it one star as the website requires a rating)

    • Post author
      4 years ago

      The Qantas Club is the only option of Hobart. It’s a fairly basic lounge, with run down bathrooms and relatively little space, but the location is ideal, the drink selection is strong, and there are quite a few nimbles and salad options. Not a place to spend hours, but it certainly does the job.

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