Aspire Lounge 41

Amsterdam - Schiphol (AMS) Terminal 2 (Non-Schengen), Airport Lounge 41 (not accessible for passengers departing from gate M)
Lounge closed: The Aspire Lounge 41 at Amsterdam Schiphol airport will be closed for remodeling until November 30, 2023. As an alternative, guests are invited to visit Aspire Lounge 26 in the Schengen zone, or the temporary Cafe Frames Lounge 2 located on the 1st floor between Starbucks and the meditation center, or the temporary Cafe Flor Lounge 2 located behind gate D7.

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Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: noSmoking Room: yes
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Food and drinks

  • Tiao
    Food and drinks

    Very poor lounge. More like a high school cafeteria
    Go there only if you don’t have any other choice. Too many people have access to this lounge. No quiet place and seats are very basic
    Washroom has only 2 rooms.
    This is the only lounge I know where you have to pay for shower.
    Maybe it’s Dutch thing, I remember I had to pay extra for ketchup at McDonalds in Amsterdam ! Swiss, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Eva Air… none of them charges extra for a shower.

  • etienne veenstra
    Food and drinks

    food is very poor compared to other European lounges let alone Asian or middle eastern. the vieuw at the aircraft might b the best thing.

  • Michael Farrell
    Food and drinks

    Really poor lounge, not a patch on the usual Emirates branded product, and surprised Emirates would associate themselves with this. Food selection is minimal, lounge is crowded and noisy, and cleaning needs to be improved.
    Absolute basic lounge. Only if you are desperate. I

    1. Damir Prieto

      Very poor food quality, old fashined and crowded

  • WK Toh
    Food and drinks

    Seems to be an unspoken policy that lounge is not available for PriorityPass before 11am. Went about 9am and it looked full. Tried again at about 10.20am, and staff said lounge is full. But guests were already leaving, so there’s definitely available space. If it’s a policy not to admit PP, they should just put it upfront so guests don’t waste their time.

  • It is definitely better than nothing if you can get in. Both times we went we were able to get right in, but when we left there were people lined up at the door. The food is fine, but only snacks. My kids enjoyed the soup and the pan au chocolat. The housekeeping also leaves something to be desired.

  • Yann

    The only lounge i was refused to enter since i use Priority Pass.
    The employees at the entrance are horrible and not respectful. They told me i cannot get inside because it s too busy! Very strange because before and after me many people were accepted to get in.
    I had to call Priority Pass and make a complain to be able to enter to this lounge.
    When i went inside it was not full like claimed by the employee.
    Moreover the food is not good. The lounge is not very clean.

  • First time I’ve used this lounge and not impressed. On entry at 1500 there was food on the floor in many areas plates not cleared away. seemed there was one person walking about with trolley very slowly and not cleaning much.
    People talking loudly on phones not very relaxing. My feeling is I might as well be down in the pub. Shame as I had heard good things before

  • D Rehf

    When it’s not busy, it’s one of my favorite lounges by far. It’s clean, modern, has good food/drinks. But, it does get pretttyyy busy between 8-10am.

    I wish it had a phone call booth somewhere — no where to take a call. Not awesome to see the private area on the other side of the lounge (singapore airlines branded)

  • Tom

    Four times in a row i was turned away as the lounge was full. Useless if you travel often to Holland to keep a priority card…. There is no alternative on Schiphol for Prioriry Pass holders… Better cancel

  • Zofia K

    By entrance I asked if the lounge was free of charges for MasterCard Black Card holders. As confirmed (!), I proceeded and only few minutes later I discovered that I had been charged a fee which value I wasn’t even informed. I wouldn’t have paid it, since there’s a limit of 3 hours to use the lounge, there is no place to take a nap and to use a shower you need to pay extra. I’m very disappointed.

  • Dismal. Any cafeteria at any motorway service area has more class than this so-called lounge. Visited on three occasions, same experience every time. Overcrowded, buffet is messy and half empty, the food is more like snack, restrooms untidy. As a frequent flyer on both Etihad and Qatar Airways, I am surprised and disappointed this is what they are offering their guests at Amsterdam airport.

  • David Law

    A very disappointing experience. Little space and feels tatty, a €17 charge for a shower,, rather severe and unwelcoming reception staff, and a paltry selection of food in comparison with other premium airline lounges.
    I am surprised that Emirates (an excellent airline) attaches its brand to this facility.
    I was also shocked to overhear a traveler who had acquired a flight upgrade was not allowed to enter the lounge.

  • Julian Davies

    There is nothing ‘aspirational’ about this ‘lounge’. On the day I visited it was so overcrowded that no seats were available, except in the (empty) section reserved by Singapore Airlines.

    There is plenty of better seating in the main terminal, so don’t waste time in this terrible lounge.

  • Anne

    The worst lounge ever. I would like to explain but I dont have time. I have to hurry get some coffee before they finish cleaning. They are eager to get out of here, the people working here. The lounge closes at 21 o’clock. The servings at 20.15-20.30. Bad food, bad service. No class at all.

  • Nad

    Very bad food and unfriendly service. This is the worst lounge I have ever been.

  • Andy

    The lounge does not have international charger sockets, only European ones. Since an international airport lounge, by definition, is supposed to cater to travelers from across the wells, I find this appalling.

    Food options are really limited, some more variety can easily be introduced at a little extra cost.

  • Diana Villania

    Bathrooms dirty and trash full. More cafeteria than lounge. Seats are mostly at small tables. Very full. Not all seats have electrical. Food poor.

  • Alexander

    The food and drinks choice is poor in comparison with KLM lounge 52.
    This lounge operates till 23:30. But at 22:30 most of the food is over. Staff starts to clean the area and force moving people from one part of lounge to another.

  • Physically, the Aspire Lounge 52 is gorgeous, but food options are limited and we don’t care for the pay-in showers and pay-in premium Wi-Fi. The lounge is also often busy.

  • Alan Thomson

    Poor atmosphere, very poor food and indifferent staff. If flying Emirates, take the €35 coupon option

  • New lounge with modern and nice interiour and fantastic apron view. Large windows provide lots of daylight. Plenty of seating in different areas.

    Choice of food is good including soup and warm mushroom and cheese snacks. Selection of beverages is fine as well, no sparkling wine though.

    Free Wifi, office-areas, newspapers and magazines. Restrooms are very nice and clean.

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