American Express The Centurion Lounge

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    American Express
    Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: yesFamily Room: yesSmoking Room: no
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    • podgreen
      2 years ago

      Excellent lounge. Well designed. Comfortable. Really good selection of hot dishes. Staffed bar and good selection of drinks. Only snag is that it can get a bit crowded and busy.

      Some of the tastiest hot dishes I have had in an airport lounge.

      All the amenities;washrooms,tv,papers,work stations ,comfortable chairs etc

    • Post author
      4 years ago

      The Centurion Lounge is the best club at Houston Bush airport. While the lounge lacks windows, it is beautifully decorated, and the amenities — free hot meals, open bars, shower, family room — are second to none.

    • Rodger Drew
      4 years ago

      Finally the long lost eligance of air travel returns! I recently was regretting a lengthy (5 1/2 hour) layover in Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. What a thoroughly enjoyable experience it turned out to be. I took the opportunity to spend my time at the American Express Centurion Lounge. This what the best airline clubs used to be and alas, none of the major ones still are. Between James Beard Award winning chef designed hot food to a full premium bar that doesn’t charge for the premium bar. Even the staff display the quality of hospitality that is all too rare in this day of airlines innovating ways to charge extra for what used to be standard appropriately upscale service. My hostess’s name was appropriately named “Joy.” It was she that introduced me to the quiet comer of the lounge with three day beds put there just for travelers like me who got up way too early and had way too long to wait for a connection. Except now I may plan my trips around an extra long lay over at the Houston Centurion Lounge.

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