Aspire Lounge 26

Amsterdam - Schiphol (AMS) Departure Lounge 2 (Schengen), Airport Lounge 26, right immediately after security, near Pier D
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  • Teemu
    Food and drinks

    Poor in all aspects. Poor selection of foods, Poor selection of drinks. Slow staff not interested in guests.

    Definitely not for celiacs. Lounge 26 is completely lacking glutenfree foods. In addition to that, staff appears to br conpletely unaware what glutenfree means. These could be easily fixed with A)having something glutenfree and B) marking it, so that guests as well as staff would know.

  • Walter

    For many years I have a Priority Pass. Even though I never use (used) it at Schiphol and I never went to the Aspire Lounge No 26, because in 99% of the case I travel with my partner who is KLM Gold member. Therefor, we are used to enter the KLM lounge No 25 (or abroad to enter other lounges) based on her membership and an invite for me.

    By exception I travelled to Spain on my own in June 2022. For the first time in my life I tried to enter the Aspire Lounge No 26. Well, you probably already guessed it: there was a handwritten sign (A4 paper) placed outside the reception to inform me the lounge was full and they did not allow other passengers to come in. The one time I tried to use Aspire Lounge No 26….

    Pre-booking (making a reservation) in Aspire Lounge No 26 is not possible / not allowed with a Priority Pass card. However, for some other cards pre-booking is allowed. That way, Priority Pass holders have a disadvantage.

    I think it is a bloody shame to refuser (some) passengers just because you are not able to handle the increased demand (not even offering a poor possibility like “to just wait untill another person leaves”). Even though I can understand this is a force majeure, I cannot (will not) accept that it is normal to turn that into the problem of your customers. Priority Pass is not a free product or service. Customers did (one-way-or-another) pay money for that card and it (should) include some rights for them.

    In case of problems like “it’s so busy” both Priority Pass and Aspire Lounge No 26 should be flexible, creative and customer focused in finding ways to handle that situation, other than just closing the door.

    Anyway, this first Aspire Lounge No 26 experience was a big disappointment.

  • Oliver

    Not the best!
    Last time they did not let me in, reason overfilled.

  • Customer with Diners Club

    I did not appreciate being “welcomed” by rudely telling me by what time I needed to leave. As I pointed this out to the receptionist, rather than accepting a genuine customer feedback she became defensive. What a sorry excuse for customer service.
    As for the actual service and offerings inside the lounge, I have stopped by Aspire lounge on a few occasions as my travel patterns only seldom take me via Amsterdam. Food offering is basic, lounge interior is dated and the acoustics is quite noisy. This lounge is definitely not one of my favourites.

  • Receptionist is ok. But as a once a week visitor of this lounge, I really dislike it. It is one of the worst, no THE WORST, lounge you can visit. No newspapers or very few, food really is an insult for the word food. They serve a mustard soop every day, never change, the salad bar is a disgrace, drinks are okay but meals really are terrible. No choice, always the same. Toilets are not the cleanest. Staff is talking loud, not quite shouting but just too loud. This louge should be closed and replaced by adequate staff with better meals and newspapers. Priority pass shlould nit accept hthis, this is a disgrace for Amsterdam!!!

  • Marianne

    Receptionist very friendly- the only positive experience ..
    Staff was extremely noisy ( they were refilling food) , calling each other from one end to the other..
    very rude dish cleaner told me to get the children’s food so they wouldn’t help themselves with too much: my daughter gave back one slice of chickenbreast because it was inedible…
    All in all not worth 25€ …

  • Michelle Taylor

    Very rude receptionist who was very argumentative upon arrival due to the fact the lounge was full and they were not accepting priority pass card holders. Didn’t manage to get the name however she was on shift the evening 10/10/17 around 20.00pm. When returning back after some time I was again turned away and told that it hadn’t been 1 hour yet and her attitude was very bad. Should NOT be working in that role. It was want an issue for me that the lounge was full of someone spoke to me nicely. Did not return back after that and won’t be again!

  • Nils J

    Traveling to AMS every week – food selection (if you can call it like this) consists of one salat with lots of onions and since a few week of some other warm Couscous, and some Dutch (sorry but not international) Style do it your self bread roles. Lounge always crowded… Comment of the staff “If you like to eat something properly, you need to eat outside – this is not a star alliance lounge…well THEN PLEASE BUILT ONE in AMS !!! worst selection of food and seats compared to all EU SEN Lounges I know…

  • Very crowded, sometimes difficult to find an empty seat. Not very relaxing. Staff not friendly. No place to relax / lay down. Very limited daylight.

    Very basic offer (some bread, some cheese, some salad for lunch). Quality of food not good

    Some PC-area, but limited offer on newspaper. Free Internet available but very slow. Restrooms are clean.

  • RG

    Dump. No food uncomfortable seats. When I was there the lounge was half full. After flying all night – I stretched out over two seats basically for a power nap and was woken up by a woman who said sir you cannot sleep here. I completely get it if the lounge was full – I’m not a rude person – but really????? Reminded me of grammar school and I’m surprised she didn’t wrap my knuckles. No shower. Crappy wifi. Small, dirty bathrooms. You’re better off in the main terminal. Under no circumstances pay for it. I was a transient passenger and have many routing choices – this dump in enough to make me avoid AMS- which otherwise is a great airport. Probably the worst lounge ever- and I travel 200,000 miles a year. Would have rated zero stars if app allowed.

  • The worst lounge I have been at. Lufthansa and all Star Alliance members should do something. Dirt everywhere, no one cleaning tables, personnell enganged in chit-chats without caring of filling up the empty trays of a poor quality foor and very limited in choice. Coffee machine so dirty!!! Can’t comment more.
    I complained to the lounge reception desk very strongly….
    As nice Schipol airport is, this Aspire Lounge 26 is to be skipped completely. Pay your Euros and get a decent meal in a restaurant at the airport. Your gold card or business class ticket means nothing here.

  • Pros : very quiet , lot of space , very comfortable seats
    Cons : wifi is slow , food and drinks are a pure joke , there is FIDS only at entrance so you need to leave your seat and check the status of your flight
    If you can go there for free , then do it but do not expect more than a place to seat with free orange juice and toilets

    Food and drinks are a pure joke.

    Wifi is slow, there is FIDS only at entrance so you need to leave your seat and check the status of your flight.

  • Pros : very quiet , lot of space , very confortable seats
    Cons : wifi is slow , food and drinks are a pure joke , there is FIDS only at entrance so you need to leave your seat and check the status of your flight

    If you can go there for free , then do it but do not expect more than a place to seatt with free orannge juice and toilets

  • A basic lounge which provides comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and drinks, but don’t expect much overall. The lack of natural light is unfortunate.

  • The lounge is very centrally located, most gates can be reached within 10-12 minutes. No views, though. The interior is modern and comfortable. There`s enough space for everybody. Friendly ambience.

    Been there in the morning. Some breakfast items were offered but the buffet is rather small.

    WLAN is free. There`s a faster WLAN-Service which has to be paid for. Small selection of newspapers and magazines.

  • Plenty of seating available – been there several times and it was never crowded. In fact only the mai area was open while two other areas were always closed. Staff at the reception has always been very friendly, only setback that they really check in detail if you are eligible to visit the lounge. Boardingpass alone won`t do they always needed to see our cards.

    Food selection is very simple, beverage selection is ok but certainly not outstanding.

    Free WIFI, but only for 2 x 30 minutes. Selection of newspapers and magazines. TV. Bathrooms are ok.

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