SkyTeam Exclusive Lounge

London - Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 4, opposite gate 10

COVID-19 closure: SkyTeam Exclusive Lounge is temporarily closed.

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    • Mark Evans gill
      3 years ago

      Relaxing yet, vibrant atmosphere. Great selection of food along plenty healthy options. Wine bar stocked with vast selection of wine, spirits and beers. Helpful lounge attendants are roaming at all time. Pleased to have an experience

    • Adrienne
      5 years ago

      The drink selection is pretty decent, including sparkling wine (not champagne, but decent), and lots of wines and hard alcohol. The food selection is quite decent as well, you can actually get enough to have a decent foundation before a flight. I read elsewhere that the lounge is actually two floors, but i only saw the main floor, which does get crowded…perhaps very few people realized there might be another floor. The real treats of this lounge are the complimentary massage chair and 15 minute facial treatment at the Clarins shop, located inside the lounge. I almost missed out on this because the woman who checked me didn’t mention it, luckily I overheard the other attendant describing this feature. One downside is that there aren’t enough outlets, definitely not one per seat, so I ended up sitting by the computers, which was uncomfortable. Still, it’s a decent lounge.

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