Star Alliance Business Class lounge

Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Tom Bradley International Terminal, after security, level 6
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  • Overall:
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    • Jeffrey
      11 months ago

      This lounge is wonderful for having showers and an outside patio area that overlooks the planes and runway.

      Food and drinks:
    • Meilensammler
      2 years ago

      Huge lounge with plenty of seating in many different areas including indoor terrace with terminal view and fantastic outdoor terrace with runway view and fires burning at night.

      Good choice of food items on the buffet and several stations throughout the lounge like a noodle bar and cheese station. Nice selection of beverages at 2 bars and several self service stations. Everything was valentine-themed that night – very nice touch…

      Free WIFI, newspapers and magazines, TV room. Very nice restrooms and showers.

    • Meilensammler
      2 years ago

      Very nice lounge with plenty of seating in many different Areas including indoor terrace with view into the terminal and outdoor terrace with runway view.

      Nice buffet with good choice of hot and cold items and noodle bar. Good selection of beverages with many beers and spirits and 2 bars.

      Free WIFI, newspapers and magazines. TV room and very nice bathrooms and showers.

    • Meilensammler
      3 years ago

      Nice interior and plenty of seating in many different areas including an indoor terrace with a view into the terminal and an outdoor terrace with apron view.

      Self service buffet with nice choice of several warm dishes and many other items. Also available is a noodle bar. Good selection of beverages, self service and bar with service.

      Free Wifi, newspapers and magazines, media room. restrooms and showers are very clean and nice looking.

    • FrankieHND
      4 years ago

      Could you clarify a couple of points on your visit:
      1) Did you go from street side to airside at TBIT on this visit or did you cross over in another terminal and then walk to TBIT, remaining airside?
      2) Was your flight to the East Coast part of a flight overseas or was your flight from LAX purely domestic?
      3) Did you gain access to the lounge as a United Airlines passenger or as a result of having Star Alliance Gold status through United Airlines, or by flying any airlines beside United or having Gold status from an airline other than United?
      Thanks for your help. I don’t want to alter my plans and then be unable to access the lounge

    • FrankieHND
      4 years ago


      Can you reconcile your review with this from Star Alliance? Star Alliance says only passengers flying out of the TBIT can use the Star Alliance Business Class lounge. Link:
      Can you also reconcile access? The Star Alliance website states that for United Gold members, only members who are flying internationally from TBIT can use the Star Alliance Business Class lounge. Link:

    • Rick Santos
      4 years ago

      can this be accessed even if one is flying out of Terminal 7?

    • Jemericoy
      4 years ago

      Hands down the nicest lounge I’ve ever been in. I seriously thought I wandered into a first class lounge by mistake. This is worth the walk over for any star alliance gold member (or united club member) even if you are not flying international and have a couple hours to kill. I was taking a redeye later in the night to the East coast after a ling day at work and it was a great pre-flight dinner option as well as a chance to take a shower and change.

    • Meilensammler
      5 years ago

      Fine lounge with plenty of seating in many different areas, including a fantastic terrace with great runway and apron-view. One of the nicest lounges I have seen.

      Food selection is kind of average but not bad. There are self-service bars for beverages and two bars where you can order drinks. Selection is very nice.

      Free WIFI, small selection of newspapers and magazines, dedicated TV-room and more TV`s and flight-info displays throughout the lounge. Showers and restrooms are very nice.

    • Post author
      5 years ago

      As far as Business Class lounges are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than that in the US.

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