SWISS Business Lounge

Zurich (ZRH) Concourse E (Non-Schengen)
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    Photo courtesy of rcs at

COVID-19 closure: SWISS Business Lounge is temporarily closed.

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    SWISS (LX)
    SWISS (LX)
    Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: noFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
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    • Mr Green
      3 years ago

      Nice food, but bland and rather uncomfortable. A handful of showers that must be booked. The worst front desk… Abrupt was the nicest thing I could say.

    • Meilensammler
      3 years ago

      One of the nicest business lounges around. Great interior and plenty of seating in many different areas. Nice view of the apron and the Alps.

      Good selection of food and beverages.

      All the usual amenities.

    • Linju
      4 years ago

      We`ve been there in the morning hours. The lounge was well-frequented, but still enough seating available. The quiet and airy atmosphere, modern and elegant design, comfortable leather armchairs-loungers and high-stool seating, floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views over the runway and the Swiss Alps, make this lounge a perfect place to await your flight departure. Don`t miss the huge outdoor patio with gorgeous views!

      Several food stations area scattered throughout the space offering muffins, cake, pudding, yoghurt, pretzel, Mövenpick ice cream, fruit salad, sweet corn salad, gummy bears and chocolate. Front cooking station with two hot items. Beverage stations with a good selection of soft drinks, beer, wine and champagne, as well as coffee and tea.

      Clean bathrooms, flight information monitors, free Wi-fi, TV, private phone booths, good selection of newspapers and magazines, ample power outlets throughout the lounge, private work areas, relaxation area.

    • Post author
      5 years ago

      A splendid lounge with cooked to order food, shower suites, vistas, and gorgeous Swiss design.

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