United Club

Chicago, IL - O'Hare (ORD) Terminal 1, Concourse C, near gate C16
Lounge closed: The United Club at Chicago O'Hare closed permanently in January 2022. The space will be repurposed as a Polaris Lounge expansion. United Club guests are invited to visit the new club near gate C10.

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United (UA)
United (UA)
Bathroom: yesBusiness Center: yesComplimentary Wi-Fi: yesShowers: noFamily Room: noSmoking Room: no
Other amenities:           
Food & Beverages
Overall ratings

  • Barb

    Terrible. Pulled the food an hour before they closed. What’s the point of coming having a lounge with no food?

  • AKG

    Awful. Understandable it is under construction but that is not a reason for unfriendly sfaff. May as well close it until you want passengers.
    I left and chose McDonald’s nearby; they are nicer.

  • Tom Macfarland

    The extremely overcrowded, frenzied lounge where at the moment if one is lucky one MIGHT find a stool, is an embarrassment to the US commercial airline industry and should be an embarrassment to United’s lounge system but there is such a low bar there currently it probably is not. I actually pay money for membership in this dilapidated tattered waiting room…and that does not reliably guarantee me any place to sit. The quality of this particular United lounge is itself approximately equal to that of a regular waiting-room seat by the gate in those airports that offer free WiFi.


  • WB

    A clear zero star. Nothing to offer, no service, no interest in pessengers. It clearly shows why United is loosing pessengers.
    It only competes with airports like Rijhad.

  • Roman Vlasov

    The location refused our one time passes ‘due to construction’. United airlines is fulling with people….one time pass worse nothing….

    1. That’s correct. We call out this restriction in red letters in the access rules. United also has a mention on their web site. We do agree that the lack of one pass access is a disappointment to many customers. We also understand United’s perspective when 2/3 of the club capacity is missing due to construction.

  • LB

    Zero stars. Let’s hope when it’s done, the size of the lounge available to its largest revenue generators, the folks who actually BUY the United Club Membership, will be much larger than this. Looks like 10lbs of crap in 5lb bag.

  • I’m repeatedly disappointed by the total lack of effort served up at United Club lounges, especially at OHare airport. It’s a race to the bottom in quality of offerings and human resources. Then United wonders why they rank dead last of all major airlines when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    What an embarrassment. Your flagship lounge in your flagship city run in this fashion. Filthy tables, disgusting food, poor service. Staff that really have no business interacting with customers.

    Who is in charge of this lounge anyway? Who hired the staff?

    United leadership once again, oblivious to what’s going on around them.

  • Terry

    Terrible survice with bad procedures. Cleaning people is very rude attitude and takes long time to have cleaning shower booth. Also service booth people are not nice and professional attitude.

  • William Henry

    Very poor, food was disgusting with dry rolls and a soup container that looked coagulated!! The food selection was awful and the coffee even worse!! It is a pity that no one seems to have travelled on any other world airline and seen how to serve the customer or to know what it is to have a warm welcoming attitude

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