American Airlines Unveils New Admirals Club Lounge Design

American Airlines has unveiled its newest design for its network of Admirals Club lounges, and the looks are stunning. Gone are the days of hospital sterile interiors. American is really stepping up its lounge game, so let’s take a quick peek inside.

New Lounge Designs

American re-did its Admirals Club design just after the US Airways merger in 2013, and the design was met with mixed emotions from many customers. While most clubs in the network feature the new-ish design, you can’t help but notice this level of sterile-ness throughout the lounge.

Courtesy of American Airlines

American will be introducing a new lounge design starting with the Ronald Reagan Airport regional terminal this fall. There are currently 2 Admirals Clubs at this airport, and this third, brand new, club will be opening soon, mainly intended for those flying on a regional jet flight.

Courtesy of American Airlines

The new lounge designs will debut in Austin, Denver, and Newark after the Reagan lounge opens.

Courtesy of American Airlines

Features of the Lounges

While the actual amenities of the lounges will stay the same in many cases, American is incorporating several design elements, including more regional/local designs, sustainable materials and a “homey” feeling. You’ll notice a lot more darker woods, local artworks, and modern lighting, far different from what you see in the current lounge concept which is overly bright and cookie-cutter.

Courtesy of American Airlines

Bottom Line

It’s great to see American introduce a much-needed new lounge design. While it will certainly take a lot of time for this new look to debit across the system, American has lots of catching up to do with competitors Alaska, Delta and United who have all recently revamped lounges with aesthetically pleasing designs.

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